today is sunday and most of my symptoms have disappeared

i am still stuffy and my throat is still scratchy and sore, but other than that, im ok. i find it difficult to concentrate on anything for a prolonged period of time... which reminds me, i have laundry... BRB... (hahahah, as if you, gentle reader, can read this in real time) ... i am planning on going to teach tomorrow, but i do not think i will be able to lead the class. just thinking about talking like that makes me start coughing!

i would like to share some links that the honorable stephen "stinger" orsinger mailed to me.

the first is absolutely beautiful, and is the epitome of spirals everywhere. the golden ratio? no! archimedes' spiral? no! the number spiral!

the second is supremely sublime, and is better than beethoven, bach, chopin or shostakovich. heresy, you say? but you don't have to take my word for it!

and finally, i know that steve-o sent me this page because of the city of los angeles high school mathematics proficiency exam. having navigated around, i can assure you that the home page of this dood leads to all sorts of wonderful and amazing math stuffs.

c'est tout!