something i should have done over the break, but didn't

i pretty much ignored my obligations for that period of time, and i think my mental health thanks me. tomorrow begins again, nay, continues following a brief hiatus, my commitment to education. the illness i had the week before really kicked my ass and i was feeling it well into spring break itself, so i don't really feel i had an "actual" break, also considering i still had class at ucla. anyway, i enjoyed playing video games for a few days and going to the lakers game today.

as far as something i should have mentioned during the break, but didnt, and now feels like old news is that a comment i made on bOINGbOING got posted. some of you have visited this humble little blog as a result, which is nice. please share this blog with other educators; i welcome feedback of all kinds (english teachers, plz refrain from pointing out i dont capitalize and that my punctuation is inconsistent. at least my spelling is impeccable). for those of you who know me and are reading this because i urge you to, thanks to you too. ive been getting all sorts of encouragement from youse guyse, and believe me when i tell you that it makes me feel better about what i'm dealing with and going through. awwww. hugs all around.

also, i just bought a copy of and still we rise: the trials and triumphs of 12 gifted inner-city students which was written about kids at Crenshaw. i dont want to mention any schools by name, especially not mine, but then I fucked up and mentioned mine in the boingboing post. oops. so yeah, its [redacted]. anwyay. regular posting begins again tomorrow. stay tuned: same bat-time, same bat-channel.