may day eve

i will be going to school tomorrow. just letting you know.

i will be there in the hopes that some of the latino kids show up, and when they do we will discuss hr4437 and i will share these articles:

canadian immigration siezes girls

so who hires day laborers outside home depot, anyway?

fears of immigration roundups affecting businesses

yo no soy capitan, yo soy marinero

also, since (i think) only two kids in fourth period algebra 2 are latino, i am showing up to instruct them in the fundamental counting principle. i am excited! as much as i hate probability, i really love it. does that make sense? uh, no. love/hate relationships rarely make sense, i guess. also, i am starting to film for the PACT event. fun. :-|

i am not looking forward to traffic tomorrow. we're out of dog food, too, so i will need to make purchases at such white establishments as petco. oh! which reminds me of another story (via fark): illegal alien puppy gets US amnesty, now doesnt that just warm the cockles of your heart? these minute men will show more heart to a dog that to a human being. you know what i call that? i call that being a dick. not that im surprised. *le sigh*