all my symptoms have disappeared.

having gotten home, showered, and having just now eaten a peanut butter sammich with a tall glass of malk (hey i drink plenty of... malk?) i can write while i watch svu. i went back to teaching today, feeling fresh as pure snow. first period was well, we went over graphing using the intercepts, and i am pleased to discover that the kids are THRILLED TO PIECES about cartsian graphing. ok, so they're still shaky on the pemdas process, but they love coordinate points! so theyre doing great. homework? still a dream i have at night. but participation is at an all-time high: the smart board and the white board are fought over! the kids are tripping over themselves to go up to it. "miss, i wanna do this one!" oh goodness, i never thought id hear this from the first period group.

so for the "exceptional students" class i take on tuesdays, we had to fill out a "student support team" survey, where we ask the sst leader all sorts of questions about which framework is set up. anyway, so afterbeing bounced from one office to another, i finally land in the cunselors office. as i am waiting to speak to the friendly receptionist, this student walks in, full of sound and fury, spitting attitude to aforementioned receptionist. she calms him down, explaining she needs to understand his problem because she wants to help. she succeeds. anyway, i was thinking, "why was he so rude to the nice lady?" so she asks me what i need and tells me to wait for the person i needed to see, one of the counselors. so, wearing my 'faculty" badge proudly, i go in to ask this man whether he can help me answer the questions. he says indeed he is the man i need to speak to but that he is busy at the moment. fair enough. i ask him if there is a time when i could come back and get the information i need, whether this week or the next. and HE SNAPS AT ME and says, "look, i dont have time to answer your ridiculous questions!" ... so at this point, i think, no wonder that kid came in spitting attitude. if this is the kind of response he gives to his peers, i shudder to think how he treats the students he "counsels." and no wonder so many kids dont want to seek advice. look i know: yes they are overworked; yes they are short-staffed: but fuck SO ARE TEACHERS. and there is no way in hell i could speak to ANYONE in the school like that without getting reprimanded. bottom line: what a dick.

so that took up so much time, i didnt really work with fourth period today, but today my guiding teacher was still in running the class, since i was still taking it easy. today was the first symptom-less day, so i needed to be careful and not over-exert myself. anyway. im excited about tomorrow.