i feel really good about everything today.

i am pleased to announce that today went extraordinarily well. the kids were cooperative, engaged and interested.

J, the kid who gives me the most headaches (on average) has made a 180° turn. he is eager to go to the smart board and graph lines. he lives for plotting points. this is not the J from 3 weeks ago. anyway, so today, he was acting up at during the first few minutes of class. i sent him outside. 3 minutes later, he knocks on the door and says, "ok miss, im ready to come in now." after that, he was perfect. he volunteers for a problem. "ok: go to the board," i say. in a beautiful moment of twilight zone-esque situation comedy, he starts by making a t-bar chart to find the x and y values. as hes describing his steps, the other kids in class start talking and not paying attention to him. he says, "hey everyone, im trying to do a problem here!" pause. ... the light bulb literally went on over his head, and he looked at me, sheepishly. and he said, "oh." and he said, "miss, it sucks when i'm up here and they dont pay attention." ms. vasquez smiled behind her desk. i smiled at J. i said, "how does it make you feel?" he said, "it hurts my feelings." but he realized the irony: when the kids did it again a little later, he imitated me, sat down in the chair next to the smart board and said, "i can wait all day too, guys." classic.

do i think this will change Js behaviour forever and ever, always and constantly? uh, no. but that glimmer of empathy is a star! ah, faint ray of hope! beam of reason and bright light of knowledge ! could it be? ah, yes! perhaps J has exited the cave, been blinded by the dazzling light! now, is he ready to go back in and share his discoveries? will the shadows on the cave wall be denounced as frauds? what a long way we have still.

unrelated to all this: enough is enough; please just change the subject.

PS: let's all move to bellingham, washington


Anonymous said...

Way cool, I hope J kicks some ass while he's invested, nothing fans the flame like success. Oh and by the way, happy birthday!

Arcane Dave

Anonymous said...

Just letting you know I read this... and I like it.

Chris H.