my flu relapsed

when i woke up yesterday, i started feeling ill again. i powered through it, thinking it was no big deal, but by the time i drove home to catch the #20 into campus, i felt terrible. i sleepwalked (sleptwalked?) through the classes that day. the bf picked me up, since we had planned on going to this art opening but since i felt so terrible, we just went home and i slept. my fever broke at about 3am but its been coming back. dayquil tastes terrible, but is still better than nyquil. anyway. i didnt go in to school today but i am feeling better. i dunno if ill make i tomorrow. i think the illness i had previously never really went away but was just in remission. gah. i had to miss class at ucla too. could it be stress? the bf found a bald spot the size of a nickel. omg, maybe im just getting old and busted.