welcome to my blog. this is my first post.

i will admit that i have been reluctant, thus far, to join the cacophony of voices on the internet. truth is, i always felt that blogs were an indication of a person's vanity, where they could share mundane and vainglorious events in their lives. sure.

i will also admit that i have always felt journals of any kind were meant to be kept private, preferably in books with gilded page edges and full of tight, sloppy ink lines. it is rare when i have wanted to read into someone's personal life. usually, autobiography is the most inaccurate description of a person's life. especially nowadays. and an in depth biography should be saved for the notorious and the genius. that will be for posterity to decide.

anyhow, i changed my mind recently.

now that i've been student teaching, i find my thoughts full of anxieties, questions and ideas. i need to get them out of me, for fear of being crushed under this onerous weight! *swoons in melodramatic manner* i also find that sharing this information with others may help me in many ways. first, people in the teaching profession may be able to share ideas, should this modest chronicle ever reach their eyes; second, that my friends and loved ones could stay up to date on my goings-on, having now relinquished a sizeable chunk of my spare time.

i realize, having re-read this post that it says nothing about my experiences so far. allow this prologue to merely explain my intentions.

i have homework to do. it's due on tuesday for my bullshit language acquisition class. it's not that i think language acquisition theory isnt't fascinating. it's that the professors are inept eductors (at a teacher ed. program, no less. i <3 irony). my task: "take a position on some issue related to policy impacting immigrant students." so basically, i have to write a paper on anything. i hate ambiguity. i also hate the fact that all policies impacting immigrant students are abhorrent to my sense of human decency. this should make for a very vitriolic paper.

more as this story develops.


Kristina said...

Shall we call you the next Michael Marco?????
And yes, Im proud of you. Proud of you for approaching the school psychologist with your concerns....not many teachers will do that. Usually the trouble maker slacks in the backround until he gets kicked out of school for
fighting or drugs....usually the latter. Only one teacher I know of would actually make an example out of them. Even though she used humility to do so, it was usually that type of kid that accepted and either changed or was made to look the fool. In this case, Jacob Britt, the fool.
Don't get too concerned about the quiet kid however, he will be the one that will go on to lead an extraordinary life......some just choose a quiet existence. Case in point, me. Ive been going to this damn college for three years and accept for the aqcuaintances I meet in class, I havent made one friend. I barely talk in class and that's because I choose not to. I feel that I learn more from opening my ears instead of my mouth.....and I think ill be fine.
Enough babbling. Talk to you soon.

Anonymous said...

NSU - 4efer, 5210 - rulez

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Russia - forever!