before i start watching the daily show i will share what happened today.

well, jonny is in the background now, in the warm glowing glow of the television's warm glowing glow, so i'll make this quick. *oops, waits 'til commercial*

so i was having difficulty teaching absolute value, and after going over it thoroughly, i realized that i was making it too difficult! stoopid "expert blind spot"! so hopefully tomorrow will be more successful. tomorrow will be a "block" period, since everyone but the ninth graders are having a go at the CAlifornia High School Exit Exam, or CAHSEE (kA-see). i will not have class at all on wednesday.

i will have a good time making up the test for friday. all the questions are coming directly from the homework assignments. which would be a gimme, if they did their homework. tsk.

i shouldn;t sound so .... fatalistic. i should keep reminding you, dear reader, that they are starting to turn work in. slowly, little by little. so progress is being made, but it is glacial.

also, J2 came back today, after having been in texas for a few weeks. his grandmother was ailing. i am unsure whether she is ok now. he missed a lot of work. i have a parent conference, rescheduled from today, since i had to go to the district 4 meeting. which, by the way, was an utter waste of time. only belmont high school is a partner school, and while the superintendent of dist. 4 was there, there was no representative from bhs. hmm. this does not bode well for district 4.