the replies i get when i accuse you all of not reading my blog.

[ to everyone on my contacts list]
SUBJ: do you ppl even read this? ok maybe you do. surely you do.

so i came up with a brilliant idea. me? of course.

so iv'e decided that instead of inundating yr inboxes with all of my mundane updates, instead i'll just send ya'll a link to a blog which details all my mundane goings-on. i think, it will be a good psychological purging. teaching is hard. writing is easy.

i posted my first installment today. i was avoiding hw. what else is new?

austin "hump" hall replies:
for someone who can't seem to shut up, I'm surprised it's taken you this
long... but seriously... i'll read it.
is pretty good, too (as long as we're on the subject of blogs).

If I were you, I would take that last email you sent and make that your
next entry. it was a pretty good read.

i reply to austin:
you'll notice that i did as you suggested and posted it.

you'll also notice that my mouth runs faster than my fingers. i think my hands get impatient.

mike "sweet honey mustard" bybee replies:
Now, that's unfair! Surely we read them. I read them. I respond to them. I even forward them, sometimes, to other people who are St. John's graduates in the midst of teaching.
But oh, no, now you're making me go to blogs!? Me! The delight of your senior year. Okay, maybe that's pushing it, but nevertheless, I say, "Yikes!"
And you accuse me of--! Ah, the perfidity! The unfairness! The pain! The shame. . . . Sweet honey mustard!! How shall I ever dry my tears?!

i reply to SHM:
ok. here's a tissue. use it when you read my blog.

lizzie "the lizard-chicken" coe replies:
SUBJ: death to links!!
Look Cath, you know me- I'm lazy. I like getting your "mundane emails".
Believe me, I have to follow bloody links to photos, links to my space,
links to links!!!! I'm bloody sick of it!! I think you should still send me
updates, or else. Or else...........I guess I'll have to add another link to
my life!!!!
i reply to slizzard:
i don't think that telling a high school teacher "i'm lazy" is a very good idea.
for homework tonight, your task shall be to write "i will be thoughtful and productive" over and over again, until your scaly wing falls off. i will continue to write mundane emails, tho' because i will do whatever it takes for my pupils to succeed.