more of the same, with a focus on decimals and the concept of the metric system

so today V and D were the only ones with the homework. J hadsome homework, but not the newest stuff, still just makeup work. since i spoke to his father, i'm giving him leeway as long as his behaviour improves, which it has. so that's golden.

K asked me if he could have his graffiti magazine back. i explained i was creating a lesson just for him about it. i told him he would have to complete the lesson on top of his actual homework and then, and only then, could he get his magazine back. it's this mag called brain damage, which is published in poland. it's very nice actually, and will pain me a little to have to give it back 9assuming, of course, he finishes the assignment). otherwise, it shall be mine forever mwahaha. this is ok, i think, because it's not "valuable." if it were a blackberry (yes, they have blackberries) or a rokr or a razr or a psp, a parent/guardian would have to come get it back. i think K likes this, though. he, like many of these kids, are crying out for attention. he always stays after to talk to me. im trying to transform his negative behaviour into a positive one. i made his lesson up today. i'll post it, once i figure out where i can host pdf files.

part 1 of assignment in PDF
part 2 of assignment in PDF

the quarter is almost over. bclad class tomorrow and then i can focus on my kids for a while, exclusively. that will be nice. spring break at my unnamed high school and at ucla do not overlap, so i get fuxxored like that, but apparently, the neighborhood team is trying to plan a trip to joshua tree. i'll take kahlua – should be wonderful.