3.14.06 happi π day! happi birthday mr. einstein!

another day. again, two homeowork assignments were turned in. i was unsure as to what i should do. i decided that i would go over some of the hw questions and leave the same assignment for hw again. fractions and decimals confuse the fuck out of my kids. the algebra bit (the order of operations bit, anyway), they're pretty ok with. im not very worried about that. we'll see how many i get in tomorrow.

i had to confiscate this polish graffiti magazine from K today. he's a bright kid. he's cocksure, cnfident he "knows this already." i hardly ever see hm from him, though. the magazine is wonderful. it's a polish (like, from poland) rag. its very interesting. i'd hate to disclose my complicity in such a crime as vandalism. i suppose i can tell him i appreciate it and that won't be such a big deal. maybe i'll give him a problem like:

a can of spray paint will cover 100 sq. ft. the dimensions of a subway car are 50x12 ft. how many subway cars could you bomb with one can?

what's the maximum number of cans you need to buy if yr going to do an elaborate throw on the wall on the side of the school, if you only have $30? assume each can costs $3.75.

no? unwise? i think that would be fun. ideas?

anyway. thank god i never have to go to language acquisition class EVAR AGAIN OMG!!!!11!! finally, the metaphorical thumb screws have been released! i can't imagine anyone wrote a positive evaluation. i will say it again, say it with me: praxis, not theory. i can't belive i'm paying this much money for this shit.

my dog needs a bath. excuse me.