ok still busy.

lets see. i am:

1) finishing my PACT.
2) i just took subtests I and III of the goddamned CSET.
3) i am in the process of getting officially employed by lausd.
4) i am in the process of getting officially employed at a wonderful, well-known school in South LA.
5) i had to make time for my brother coming to visit, as well as my BFF, la isla.
6) my dog needed a walk earlier; that took precedence over the blog.
7) my boyfriend jon stewart is in reruns right now, so im stealing a moment to share my list of crazy shit im doing which is why i have been unable to keep up my posts.

i just want to say that i am very happy at my school. when i compare my experiences to those of my peers at other ucla partner schools, i thank goodness for my good fortune. and to think: if i hadnt had such a hard time finding a bclad teacher, i may never have wound up there at all. wow. but yes i am happy. all of you should apply and join me. it would be lovely.