i have mixed feelings about this whole cahsee lawsuit thing.

California Supreme Court Revives CAHSEE
Appeals Court Asked for Quick Decision in CAHSEE Case

one the one hand (μεν) i think that standardized testing in general is bullshit. i thank goodness that i went to a college that placed more emphasis on writing ability that sat act or gpa. fuck that. at the same time, have a clear writing presupposes a clarity of mind. the more i think about it, im sure everyone at st johns would have done fairly well to very well on any number of standardized tests. anyway, so the part of me that knows standardized tests are bunk, the part of me that knows they are written for white middle america and not for my poor kids in south LA makes me want to do away with the cahsee.

on the other hand (δε) i think that if these kids are to compete against their richer, whiter, nore priveledged peers, being unable to pass a standardized test only places them at a disadvantage. as much as i want to break down this oppressive system, i will always believe that infiltration and bringing it down from the inside shall be more effective (and more satisfying) than litigation and enabling. part of me says that we do not need to relax standards but to strengthen them; then demand the resources to make everyone pass sopme stupid fucking test.

i dunno, i guess i too am conflicted about this. i just wish everyone knew how to do binomial expansions using pascals triangle and knew how to develop a profit-loss analysis and how to build a table. math! ah if only everyone 5pok3 1n num63r5.