oh right— the reapplication process

just F Y I

superintendent deasy made the decision to reconstitute by any other name— and of course, it smells as sweet. his decision to target crenshaw for "magnet conversion" is just a ruse to force the reapplication process of teachers and to shove out not only the incompetents (which of course do exist) but also the activists (of which there are many more). such are my suspicions at this moment. i am trepidatious until i see the key rabble-rousers, competent teachers all, return.

i emailed the principal my letter of intent to reapply; he forwarded same to the district liason; the district liason emailed me saying he was in receipt of the letter. nothing more was stated.

it was not until 6:45 PM on a friday when a colleague called me on the phone to ask my why i was not present for my 6:30 PM interview— i answered, "because no one told me one was scheduled." i have emailed the principal and the district liason telling them that due to the medical leave and my absence on campus, i would have been oblivious to the scheduled time unless contacted by phone or email. i respectfully asked for another interview, but i have yet to hear back from either of them.