the perils of keeping it real

quickly, i havent much time before bed beckons me into its open arms.

i am done. as of today. i still have all the formalities of paperwork, but i am done, at least, for the moment. good timing, too, i feel that i have been going crazy. i need the next month as a vacation in a very serious way and hope to do a maximum amount of lounging. thats the good.

on the other side of that awful coin, today i had the dubious distinction of having a student beg to be passed, tears and all, for the first time today. a sobering experience. shes a senior who missed waaay too much class, never turned in homework and utterly failed the final exam. she came in pleading, "please pass me!" and i explained that due to the fact that her grade was at a 24% F, that there was simply no way. "J, you are not even at the borderline between a D and an F. you are so completely at an F that passing you would be literally unfair to everyone else." she wasnt happy about it, and she kept arguing about it. unfortunately for her, i was able to deconstruct all her arguments, which will not be included here due to their predictability.

my future posts will be less concerned with the students now, as we are done for the year. now i suppose they will focus on my misadventures navigating the lausd hiring process and the pitfalls of office politics. at least for the summer until the year starts again.

who would like to join me at the beach. i need to get brown again. my pale belly is sad.