2 Days of CELDT

We administered the California English Language Development Test over the last two days. Blecch.

Basically, it's a test designed to evluate the progress which "Limited English Proficient" students are (not) making.

There are several parts, like reading and writing, but we administered the speaking part. We provide prompts, and the students have to provide a specific reply.

There's a section where they identify objects using visual clues. It's amazing how many students say "lawyer" when shown a picture of a judge. It is also amazing how many students cannot identify a beaker from science class.

It was really repetitive. I could recite the script by heart.

I had a sub for the two days I was doing testing. The sub yesterday was OK. The sub today lacked classroom management and "somehow" two of my graphing calculators turned up missing in second period. Ooh, I am going to tear into them tomorrow.

Remind me not to assume substitutes are capable. Yecch.