a moment to reflect on yesterday and today.

so i was tired yesterday and didnt get around to posting anything valuable. sorry.

anyhoo, yesterday i starteda lesson on absoute value. i was going along at a good clip when as i was about to introduce a problem, i realize i hadnt scaffolded properly. this is pedagogical jargon for saying "i fucked up the lesson." the concept of absolute value is so quote-unquote easy for me that i forgot who to explain a part of it properly. anyway, i guess what matters is that i caught my mistake. i explained to the class that i messed up, and they were like, "you did?" .... how would they know? they don't know absolute value!
i also gave K his graff assignment yesterday.

today, K showed me what he had. all the short answer questions were filled in, for the most part. the math questions were filled in with answers like "a million." it's funny: these kids are like cartoon characters sometimes.

i called Ds parents today. he hasnt given me any homework. scratch: he gave me opne assignment, which he copied from F. i made examples of them today and tore up both assignments in front of the class. how else can i emphasize that i am looking for original thought? i warned them of next week's test and how they need to study for it. i already warned them that copying will result in a big fat ZERO. talking to a neighbor will result in a big fat ZERO. gotta put some fear of god into em, i do. scratch: its gotta be a fear of me.